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"As for Sherri, I couldn’t love her more. She is, in my eyes at least, the best person I know; the love of my life and the coolest, most honest and lovable and truly loyal person I’ve ever had the opportunity to know". -Max Bemis

It was never something I aspired to,” he says of his modelling work. “But, when I was younger, I did always like fashion. Well, as much fashion as you’re exposed to as a kid in Allentown, Pennsylvania.” He used to look at “red driving shoes” in the Prada store on those trips into Manhattan, wishing he could buy them. He has since been sent a pair. “Now I need a car,” he laughs. He’ll probably be sent one of those, too.’ x

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Track: You There
Artist: AQUILO
Played: 10105 times
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political beliefs: if it upset rich people then it’s good

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I like you, I do. But you’ll never understand.

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halloween meme [1/3 tv films]: Halloweentown series

"Being normal is vastly overrated." 

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